Cine Keep 2™️ – A Powerful Acetic Gas Adsorbent for Preventive Conservation of Motion Picture Film

Cine Keep 2™️ will serve you well, if you own numerous motion picture films or have problems storing films until they are digitally archived.

This product can adsorb acetic acid gas released from hydrolysis, prevent film decay, and maintain a stable film preservation environment.

Cine Keep 2™️ is effective for film negatives, positives, and intermediates of all film formats. Its use is highly recommended for “preventive conservation” of your films to pass down your precious imaging assets to posterity. Deodorizing and humidity control are its additional advantages besides adsorbing alkaline gas harmful to film.

Cine Keep 2™️ comes in 12 packets or 120 packets per package and can be ordered from here:

Standard delivery time from Japan to

  • North America: 2 weeks
  • EMEA: 2 weeks
  • Asia and Oceania: 1 week

Imagica Entertainment Media Services, Inc. has a history of motion picture film development that dates back to 1935. With our film preservation expertise built up over many years, we developed Cine Keep 2™️, a solution to most economically safeguard film’s condition.

That Sour Smell is Vinegar Syndrome

When chemical substances of an old film react with moisture in the air, acetic gas is released. The film will show signs of what is called vinegar syndrome (characterized by vinegar smell), and film decay will progress. The film with vinegar syndrome will start to change its shape and its emulsion surface will be destroyed. Eventually, the precious images recorded will be lost.

Vinegar syndrome causes film to change shape
Images are lost

As Cine Keep 2™️ adsorbs acetic acid gas and other substances that cause film deterioration, it can help you with preventive conservation.

How to Use Cine Keep 2™️

Take out the adsorbent packets out of the package and place them directly inside film cases (film cans).  Recommended use is three packets per case of 35 mm film.  For smaller 16 mm and 8 mm films, use one packet per case.  Replace the used packets with new ones every two years.  Direct contact of Cine Keep 2™️ with film is not a problem.

Product Specifications and Characteristics

Product NameCine Keep 2™️
Main ComponentInternal:  allophane
External:  polyester non-woven fabric
SizeLength:     110mm
Width:      50mm
Gas Adsorption CapabilityAdsorption Area:  7,000 to 9,000㎡
Specific Surface Area:  700 to 900 ㎡/g

Precautions on Use

  • Do not vigorously shake or put great pressure on the product. This may cause the outer material to rip and the insides to scatter around.
  • Note that the temperature of the product may slightly rise as it adsorbs acetic acid gas, but this will not be a problem.
  • Do not wet the product. Direct contact with water may reduce its effectiveness.
  • Keep the product in a tightly sealed bag and store it in a cool, dark place, if it will not be used for a long term.

Preventive Conservation Service

We offer a service to visually assess your film’s condition and insert Cine Keep 2™️ as needed. The result of a product test conducted in our storage room (with shelves and at room temperature), using a film made in the 1970’s, which had acetic acid rate of 300 ppm, showed that within three days of inserting Cine Keep 2™️, the acetic acid gas rate dropped to 20 ppm, which is equivalent to the level of a newly made film. The test also showed that Cine Keep 2™️ continued to be effective even after 90 days.

If you have any questions about your film’s condition, please feel free to contact us.