We provide the following services

Creative production and post-production

Dailies I Data Management I Color Grading I CG/VFX | Editorial | Audio Recording and mixing

Mastering, and distribution services

CEA (compression, encoding and authoring) | Duplication, meta data prep. | Localization (sub and dub) | Package (DVD/BD/UHD) and streaming media

Film processing, and restoration, archiving

Film processing | Digital scanning and conversion | Restoration | Media Migration and Archiving

News & Information

E2E for Global Entertainment

Our E2E (End to End) service that integrates localization (subtitling and dubbing) and media distribution to provide a seamless experience. It enables movie studios, digital distributors, and broadcasters to efficiently and simultaneously release their valuable content around the world.


To help our media and entertainment customers build more efficient supply chains, more valuable products, and larger global audiences.


Over 30 years experience in film marketing, creative advertising and localisation.