A New Chapter Begins

April 1, 2021

A long time ago in a media & entertainment space in the Far, Far East, we had begun processing films.  At one point, we started calling our operations IMAGICA, whose brand soon became recognized for its quality and reliability.  Over 80+ years, we have seen technologies for video and media evolve.  Thankfully, our customers continued to rely on us for their content and media needs, whether it was about analogue or digital; film, tape or disc; broadcasting, internet or mobile communications.  

2020 was an extraordinary year in which the landscape of media and entertainment was changed in such an unprecedented way as we have never experienced.  For a long time, production got held off and theaters were closed.  We all pondered how we could help and serve all of those who would desperately want to create and deliver their stories.  We have come to decide to transform ourselves into a new service organization called Imagica Entertainment Media Services, Inc

This new company, based in Tokyo, has taken over from IMAGICA Lab. all such assets, resources, know-how and skills necessary to provide creative production, post-production, media services including that for film Note.  We are centering our focus on the requirements of the media and entertainment market and integrating the capabilities and resources of our service lines in a seamless way to better and quickly respond to diverse and changing needs of our customers.  Also, recognizing that content can be produced in any country and delivered to anyone in any market, we have organized ourselves to be in close collaboration with Pixelogic (headquartered in Burbank https://pixelogicmedia.com/ ) and PPC (headquartered in London https://www.theppc.com/ ), so that we as Imagica Group can provide a unique set of E2E (end-to-end) production and media services in a borderless way.

Please feel free to reach out to us to find out how we can help you with your production project or content distribution needs.  We look forward to becoming your choice of media service partner.


Masashi Nakamura
President & CEO


  • Creative production and post-production services for motion pictures, episodic series and animation including CG/VFX, editorial, dailies, color-grading, audio recording and mixing;
  • Mastering, CEA (compression, encoding and authoring), duplication, meta data prep. and distribution services as well as localization (sub and dub) for digital cinema, package (DVD/BD/UHD) and streaming media; and
  • Film processing, digital scanning and conversion, restoration, migration and archiving.