Imagica Entertainment Media Services Now Introducing DTS:X

Imagica Entertainment Media Services, Inc., a leading provider of post and media services, announced that it has integrated a full DTS:X cinema system in one of its screening rooms at the Tokyo Imaging Center in cooperation with DTS, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: XPER) (“Xperi”).

DTS:X, is an object-based surround sound format that enables “mapping” every sound in a three-dimensional space, providing audiences with a deeply “immersive” sound experience.

The DTS:X technologies available to filmmakers at the Tokyo Imaging Center include:

  • GDC DTS:X Cinema server (SX4000)
  • Cinema Processor (QSC 510c)
  • QSC Dante Audio Bridge Card (QSC CDN64)
  • Q-SYS AES16 Card (CI AES16)

“The installation of DTS:X audio technology expands the possibilities for our filmmakers to reach audiences in a more personal and deeply engaging way,” says Tadashi Aota, executive officer of the Company “Collaborating with DTS, we would like to see production using DTS:X immersive audio technology increase in Japan among the rapid growth of DTS:X-enabled content availability worldwide.”

The company, now equipped to provide screening services for Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) in the DTS:X format, also plans to enable the playback of the IAB (Immersive Audio Bitstream) format in the future.

About DTS, Inc.

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