Our Film Restoration Projects (2003-2021)

The film restoration technology took a new turn in the 2000s when film and digital technologies began to merge. We are pleased to share a case study of our film restoration service. Included are Japan’s important cultural property and significant foreign films we have worked on since IMAGICA Corp., our predecessor company.


  • Impirtant cultural property “Momijigari” (Tsunekichi Shibata, 1899) 2K restoration project
  • Milestone of Japanese Experimental Film History, “Ginrin” (1955, Toshio Matsumoto) 2K restoration project
  • Forerunners of Animation Film, “Namakura” (Junichi Kouchi, 1917) and “Urashima Taro” (Seitaro Kitayama, 1918) 2K restoration project
  • Research on Digitization of Old-Style Recordings and Video Resources of the National Diet Library
  • Conversion of Small Gauge Films to 35mm Films (Film Collection, Ritsumeikan University Research Center)
  • Project on Toy Film and Film Restoration, Investigation, and Research
  • South Korean Film, “King Gojong” (Jeon chang-keun, 1959) and “Martyr An Jung Geun” (Gang Dae-jin, 1967)
  • “Daughter of the Nile” (Hou Hsiao Hsien, 1987) 4K restoration project
  • A Presentation on the Restoration of “Senninbari” (Genjiro Saegusa, 1937)

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